Monday, September 10, 2012

Corben So Miami

Corben loves his car. Austin loves to dress Corben up. So when he was driving today in his car she put the sun glasses on him. He loved it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Corbens 18 month old hair cut

Collin and Payton were getting there haircuts at the same time so Corben sat on my lap and just watched them and did what they did. He did a very good job.

Bedtime Babies

I love bedtime baby pictures. They just look so peaceful. In Florida we have a lot of windows in our house and when Payton wakes up she can't wait for Corben to wake up, she usually wakes him up. Well they love to open this window and lay back and look out the window. They look for cloud pictures and watch the palm trees and the birds. It's so cute! Right when Corben sees Payton or Collin in the morning he so excitedly says "hi!"

Corben's Walks

Corben loves to go on walks with me. He loves the outside. It helps that Florida has such wonderful weather:)

Ok I'm tired of school now

Payton says its to long and we don't even get to play. I agree with her. She is going to first because she is smart but she should be in half day kinder for her age.

First Day of School

Collin is starting 4th grade and Payton 1st grade. Payton had a hard time falling asleep. They were excited.